Faleev's 80/20 Routine. Discussion in 'Barbell' started by porvida, Jan 21, 2013. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next porvida Double-Digit Post Count. Recently someone posted a link to an article Pavel wrote about a 5x5 program developed by Faleev. I would like to try this program using the three day per week template.

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"Comrade Faleev dabbled with powerlifting for seven or eight years, then took a few years off. Alexander Faleev's Method of Powerlifting. Powerlifting. MAXpower92 2012-02-21 23:20:35 UTC #1. Pavel Tsatsouline writes about a program used by Alexander Faleev in Russia to yield superior results.

БЕЗОПАСНО ОТСЛАБВАНЕ и ЗАГУБА НА ТЕГЛО до 10 КГ НА МЕСЕЦ да намалите теглото си с 5 до 10-12 килограма за 1 месец. да очистите .

детето губи тегло от Elkar

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30 апр 2015 Прочети повече за Диетата с високо съдържание на фибри помага по-бързо да намалите теглото си в сайта на Здравей. Предлагаме .

“Save your strength for the next set,” as Alexander Faleev put it. In successive workouts add reps when you can do it with confidence. Keep at it until you are up to 5×5. Do not miss StrongFirst’s next Barbell Certification. Learn the 5×5 method at the StrongFirst Lifter Certification. Twitter. Google+. Share.

Great Faleev results, and Q for Pavel I hope you won't mind a cross-posting. I followed your "80/20" program religiously from September through March, worked through Faleev’s book (2006 ed.) using Google Translator (that was a trip), competed twice, and attained the following results.


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